The VBOX Solution offers a choice of Products to suit your requirements:-

Secure Virtual Network Connection

Each VBOX allows authorised secure access to monitor, control and seamlessly integrate any Ethernet enabled devices to a paired VBOX SET* anywhere in the world.The devices will act as if they are all on the same private LAN. 
The VBOX enables Ethernet Cables to be virtually stretched around the globe. Additionally, the VBOX Optima facilitates Lights Out Remote Support. 

The VBOX Solution facilitates the communication of machines and systems with each other from locations anywhere in the world as if on the same physical network (LAN) - and without any network reconfiguration.
Each system/machine (in different geographical locations) is then connected to a local VBOX using an Network cable.
Virtual Ethernet Cables are then automatically setup between the pre-configured VBOX Units.

* When 2 or more VBOX products are pre-configured to function together.