VBOX provides a portable secure network solution for remote system integration testing enabling pre-Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) to occur at the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) stage prior to customer delivery

  • The VBOX solution is an internationally recognised product and managed service which provides virtual Ethernet cables around the globe and enables:-

    • Ethernet capable machines/systems to integrate seamlessly from locations anywhere in the world as if they were on the same physical LAN network
    • Two or more VBOX units provide a virtual Layer 2 network allowing global integration
    • Use of existing Network Private IP addresses Default gateways - no reconfiguration of systems required
    • Connectivity using:
      • the integrated VBOX Netbook
      • your Smartphone's Hotspot feature
      • the existing Corporate/Guest LAN
    • Lights Out Remote Support using the VBOX Optima premium product
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  • So, what's in it for you?

    • Easy to use
    • Portable - Choice of 3 products to suit your requirements
    • Secure - ​Encrypted connections between preconfigured VBOX units
    • Reduced costs - Eliminates ancillary costs associated with vendor support
    • Leased Service - No capital investment
    • No additional software required
    • No system re-configuration required

    The VBOX product has been exclusively designed to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Food and Utilities sectors.

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"Astellas Ireland Co. Ltd. has been using the VBOX Secure Portable Network Integration solution for some time now. It has proven to be an invaluable tool, allowing network Integration testing, usually completed at SAT phase to be performed efficiently at the FAT phase of a project, highlighting machine integration issues, and enabling rapid retesting prior to system delivery.

We have used the VBOX solution successfully in L3 Serialisation upgrades, New Production Line automation integration and Electronic Batch Record (EBR) related formulation Projects. As a result, we are more efficient in project delivery, while substantially reducing ancillary costs."

Astellas Ireland Co. Ltd.


"​Tekpak Automation Ltd. has used the VBOX Portable Secure Network Solution in a recent integration project for a Pharmaceutical Customer. Traditionally our SCADA integration partner based in Germany would have travelled to Ireland to perform these tests. Using the VBOX Solution we were able to perform integration tests seamlessly over the Internet, identify issues and resolve them quickly.

The configuration is very simple and the connection is point-to-point. The fact you just need to switch off the VBOX to disable everything is a simple and quick action when the work is completed. The connection is stable and fast, enough to receive trace files to monitor a machine running and make PLC updates I am very happy to recommend VBOX for Remote System Integration Testing."

Benjamin Simplot, Software Manager - Tekpak Automation Ltd


"As part of a large German Manufacturer of Pharma packaging and Track & Trace (T&T) solutions, we have used the VBOX Secure Portable Network Solution for over 5 years to support a Pharma customer in Ireland. The VBOX Solution has enabled us to perform preSAT SCADA integration testing (e.g Format loading, Batch Start/Stop, real-time Audit Trail updates, T&T L3->L2-L3->L4 full-cycle Integration data flows) with machines located in different geographical locations.

By completing such tests remotely, VBOX gave us confidence that these systems would integrate without issues during the customer on-site SAT commissioning phases. This, in turn, increases our efficiency in project delivery."

Manuel Ye – Senior Project Manager
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