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How it Works?


 VBOX Components & how it works

 A  CLOUD service called a Virtual Switch Concentrator (VSC) is at the centre of the VBOX solution in that it creates a Virtual Layer 2 connection between preconfigured VBOX units. Most connections of this nature are Layer 3 and require significant configuration when they are set up and subsequently if they are moved. The VBOX solution is portable and flexible for your Global integration needs.

 Secure Cloud based Global Global Ethernet switch (Layer 2)


The following components make up the vBox Solution:-. 

                • Internet Connection
                • Dedicated Virtual Switch Concentrator (VSC)
                • Dedicated VBOX Unit(s)

Internet Connection

Accessing the Internet comes with 4 possibilities:-

            1. DHCP LAN
            2. DHCP WAN
            3. WAN 3G Broadband (using USB Dongle)*
            4. Smart Phone Hotspot** 

Virtual Switch Concentrator (VSC)

Each Subscription customer is allocated a secure dedicated VBOX VSC located at our secure Data Centre to which all VBox units are paired.

Typically 1 VBOX VSC is created for each Customer Project.

The VSC is a  managed service administered by VBOX Ltd on the customers behalf via our CLOUD Data Centre. Only preconfigured  VBOX units can communicate with each other. One to one and one to many connections can be configured. 

VBox Unit (Basic & Classic)

VBOX allows quick direct access to systems without the need for installing any software for the purposes of troubleshooting, configuration or network integration. Because its a Virtual Layer 2 VPN you have acces to all ethernet enabled devices without any re-configuration steps.

How to connect the VBox 

  1. Ensure you have a minimum of 2 paired VBOX devices
  2. Turn on each VBOX
  3. Connect to the Internet (LAN cable/Wifi/3G dongle/SmartPhone Hotspot**)
  4. Wait for the Connect LED to flash regularly Connected Flashing
  5. Connect each system/machine to its local VBOX Layer 2 Interface 
  6. Start Working !


VBox Unit (Optima)

Last Resort or Lights Out Remote Support can be provided by the VBOX Optima

The VBOX Optima builds on the core VBOX service to offer remote support to Computer based systems with VGA/DVI/USB(or PS2) keyboard & mouse. 

Perfect for systems where:-

  • No network interface is configured
  • Systems access to an Internet connection is prohibited/not available 
  • System not booting to the Operating system.
  • Remote access to the BIOS options of the system are necessary

Only 1 VBOX Optima is needed to access the Display/Keyboard/Mouse 

To access a system simply 


  1. Turn on each VBOX Optima
  2. Connect to the Internet (Wifi/3G dongle/SmartPhone Hotspot)
  3. Wait for the Connect LED to flash regularly Connected Flashing
  4. Disconnect VGA Cable from PC
  5. Connect PC Monitor Output to VBOX Optima VGA I/P (from PC)
  6. Connect PC spare Monitor to the VBOX VGA (o/p) so you can monitor the remote user
  7. Connect each system/machine to its local VBOX Layer 2 Interface 
  8. Start Working !



*SIM subscription required


**Customer Supply