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    User Friendly Portability

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    Compatiable with IT infrastructure & Policy.

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    No Software & Capital Costs

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    Reduce Support Costs

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    No Configuration


So, what's in it for you ?


  • Easy to use
  • Portable  - Choice of 3 products
  • Secure – Authenticated SSL Certified connections from preconfigured VBOX units 
  • Lower Vendor Costs  - Reduced Vendor support costs 
  • Leased Service - No capital investment
  • Software - No additional software required
  • Re-configuration - No systems re-configuration required 

 The VBOX product has been exclusively designed to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Food Sector and Utilities Sector.

Areas of Application:-

        • Production Line Test Set-up/Integration 
        • Factory Acceptance Testing - Integration
        • Pre-SAT Testing - Integration (at Vendor Locations !)
        • Light out Vendor Remote Support of standalone systems 


 Ease of Use

  • Plug & Play set up – portable yet robust for both short term and ongoing use.  
  • Lights out troubleshooting connectivity.
  • No software to install - Machine/devices are unaware of the underlying technology and therefore behave as normal. 
  • Low cost of implementation  - Product is leased/rented
  • Short Lease/Rental periods (e.g 3 months)