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Vbox : Global Network Connections

Do you need Secure Flexible Global Connectivity ?

In an ideal world if you are a Project, Automation or IT Manager you want:-

Pre-Systems Acceptance Testing
To provide Temporary, Secure Connectivity allowing accelerated pre-SAT testing of multi-vendor systems even in different geographical locations ! 
To iron out potential integration issues with these systems before they get delivered to the Customer Site.

To seamlessly swapout an Ethernet enabled industrial subsystem (e.g.in-line Printer/PLC/SCADA/ERP system) on a line to connect a  "like for like"  device located at the Vendor location to test or troubleshoot difficult issues without any system re-configuration or shipping in a replace device/system ? 

Remotely access a Server/PC system without a Network interface
To allow a Vendor to remotely support (view-only/control at BIOS level) a Server/PC in a secure location that is not allowed or capable of connecting to the internet ?

The solution, - the VBOX,  it's guaranteed to change how you work forever !